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Molly, Born 13/04/05

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Molly Dawg
Chapter Six


I thought it was just an average day. I woke up, went outside to stretch my legs and have my morning constitution. Breakfast was normal. I felt like today was one of those mommy and daddy home all day kinds of days. These kinds of days varied so I thought I'ld head back to sleep untill I knew for sure what we were going to do. I secretely hoped it would be a car ride day. On those days we usually headed on our way to a nice park for me to romp around in. Sometimes there was even a doggy or two to run with. I was always the fastest runner and I usually always got the ball. Even if it was their ball. They would always try to steal it back away from me. I knew all balls were mine so I made sure to argue who was going to carry the ball back to the person who threw it. My mom would call me over to her and then give the ball back to the other person. I never really understood why. I suppose she was just being polite. She shouldnt have though, cuz we all know who the boss of the play field really is. ME!

"Princess Molly."

Well today, was I ever in for a surprise. We didn't go to the park this day. We did get in the car and go for a ride. I did my usual wagging and pacing and spinning just before we went. Mom did her usual calling and pleading and asking me to behave. I'm actually still learning that word 4 years later. Anyway as we got in the car I noticed dad put something in the back of the car. It wasn't my normal leash but it was similar to it. From what I could tell it was an unusually LONG lead. I had no idea what he planned on doing with it because we all knew that when we were at the park I ran untill my heart was content. He didnt need a lead for me. That was for sure. I always come back when I'm called, eventually. Sometimes I even come running right away. That is, when there's nothing interesting to be sniffing at.

Todays drive seemed a little bit longer and I only vaguely recognized the things we passed. I think dad must have forgot where the park was because he was even driving in the wrong direction. Anyway it didnt really matter cuz at least we were in the car. I truely loved the car rides. I got to see so many things. Sometimes dad would open my window a little bit and I got to stick the tip of my nose out to breath in all the delicious smells of my town. Evey once in a while I saw a dog and their person walking along and made certain to let them know I was in the passing car. I would stomp my paws on the car seat and bark as loudly as I could at them. They never really paid much attention to me but mom certainly did. She used to call my name REALLY loud and take my collar and make me lay down on the car seat. I didnt like that very much so I usually pouted untill we reached the place we were going to. By then I always forgot why I was laying down in the first place.
But on this day I didnt see any doggy walkers so I was allowed to sit up all the way to our special place.

The smells were coming close and they were so strong and so nice that they made me feel very excited. So much so that I couldnt help myself. I whined a little bit in my excitement and mom made the, "Sh shhh" sound. I still always tilt my head and look at mommy when she makes that sound. I think she does it when she is trying to tell me, "Everything is safe or ok". I think. So I just licked my lips to show mommy I trusted her judgment and carried on being excited a 'little' quieter. Daddy made the car turn onto a sort of bumpy road and there was alot of bushes and small hills all around. then we went down a little slope and daddy stopped the car. Ok, NOW I was really excited! Mom and dad got out of the car and they just walked away from me! Oh darn it. I knew what they were doing. They were doing the old, let's ignore Molly untill she's calmer routine. HMPH! I never liked that game very much. They always won. I knew that and so I let them win again.

This time I didnt take so long to be"calm" I wanted O-U-T! I sat starring out the window, wagging my tail, licking my lips and trying to show my calmest, excited body I could manage. YEAH! It worked double time fast! Dad came back and opened the car door. I told myself, "Now dont get too excited!" I knew I wasnt allowed to just JUMP out and run. Oh Heavens No. NOW I had to just sit and wait yet again for a hundred years or more, untill somebody hooked my lead on me and then wait again untill they actually made a signal or spoke the word. O-U-T. Oh please, daddy please! Say it FAST! Yes! He said it!

Oh but wait. your thinking now that he said "OUT" I can just run and jump. No way Jose' Thats not how the rules work around here. Now I have to just sit beside the car and wait till someone says "Walk" Oh man, oh man. I have such a hard life here. I really wish someone would tell my mommy and daddy, I am Princess Molly and should be allowed to do whatever I please. Besides the smells in this new place were heavenly and I really badly needed to snuffle my nose into this soft, damp, grey, ground. Oh my, oh my! I was so trying to be a good little Princess. I sat politely and looked deeply into daddy's eyes. He smiled at me and calmly said, "Go Play" GO PLAY?! WOW He didnt just say walk he said GO PLAY! Now every doggy with the least bit of intellegence knows that means, Yahoooooo F-U-N! I wasn't going to wait to see if he'd made a mistake, I BOLTED!

I hadn't got very far in my bolting before I had to stop and smell the earth and mark this ground. There was Way too many smells here for me to just pass them up. I was in my glory. There were both unfamiliar smells and familiar doggy smells. There were those flying bird things here as well but Oh so many! I couldnt catch them here either but I certainly tried. Mom and Dad were just slowly walking behind me. I guessed they didnt really understand how exciting these smells were. I had my head down low and didnt really notice what was coming up to me until I was almost on top of it. I could smell the water and was thinking, "Oh good 'cuz I'm thirsty." Just about the time I was lapping up a good cool drink, I lifted my head and looked ahead of me. HOLY SMOKIES! Did Mom & Dad know how much water there was over here. I couldn't see the end of it. I was going to have water to drink for a thousand, million years!

I was busy taking in the emense amount of water and almost didnt see what my dad was doing. He had picked up a big stick and was about to throw it for me. I loved running after balls and sticks and bringing them back. I usually got a treat each time. Somehow it seemed a little different this time. I trusted my dad so I watched his arm carefully. I got ready to run as fast as I could after the stick. As the stick left his hand I turned and started to run, as I ran I kept my eyes on the stick. I was expecting it to go flying through the air like it always did. This time it didn't. I just sort of fell a short distance from where I was standing at the waters edge. Hmmmm, the waters edge. How was I supposed to get that stick this time? It was gently bobbing up and down back and forth in the water. I pawed at the ground and jumped at the water. I even tried barking at the stick. There was no way it was coming back to me. In fact I do believe it actually started moving away from me. Now, how in tarnation was I going to accomplish this? I looked up at my dad, all he was doing, was just staring out at the big water. It was mommy who came to help me. Or so I thought. Help indeed! NOT! She was actually trying to get me to GO IN that water. I WAS NOT going to attempt that!

If I went in, I was for sure going to drown. Who knew what lurked beneath this murky grey water. If it had the power to take that stick and make it go floating away, just imagine what it could do to a 3 month old puppy. No way Man! Then Mom did the unthinkable. She walked into the murky depths of water. I whinned at her and begged her to come out. (Or at least get that stick and bring it back to me.) Well, she wouldnt even look at me. She just kept walking in and around my stick. You'll never guess what she did next! She brought out the BIG GUNS! Yep, The COOKIES! How, oh how, could she bring out the cookies when she knew I couldn't possibly go out into that deep, puppy devouring water. Then to top it all off, my DAD stepped into the water. Had they gone mad again! I so desparately wanted to follow them. They both kept gently calling my name. I also knew my mom had cookies.
Well, it took me ages but I finally decided if they could go close to that stick then I could as well. I stepped in and walked bravely up to my dad. WOW! Who knew, he had cookies as well! Dad played with me in the water for a nice long time. I splashed and jumped in and out and never even thought about how scarey it had been before. Mom called me, I didn't even hesitate to run over to her. Erm... Well almost run over to her. I kind of stopped a little ways away. I soon realized that my mom and the stick were still quite a distance further out in the water than dad and I had been. Mom splashed around happily and continued to call me. Ok, I could do this! I slowly stepped out untill the water was at my belly and soon felt my feet wanting to leave the ground it got a little scarey but I kept going. I knew mom had the cookies and I wanted another one. Before I knew it I was not touching the ground any more. It gave me a weird kind of funny feeling. One I wasnt at all sure I liked. I was apparently Swimming I wasn't altogether keen on this activity and as a time passed I would learn that although I didn't have to do it much there was times during the HOT Summer months that it would prove to be so refreshing for me. The stick? Oh yes, the stick. I did finally get it, but mom and dad kept throwing it back into the water. The last time they threw it, well, it stayed there. Mom and dad brought me a new better one to play with when I got home. Guess What!?, It squeaked!

We visited this Big Water often and I soon came to learn that it was called The Fraser River. I'm still never allowed to go to it with out being on my rope. I'm kind of glad 'cuz it still scares me. I would much rather go to our new water places. Mom and Dad call them Lakes. They are way more fun and I feel safer.

Presently being written
Chapter Seven

Table Of Contents