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Molly, Born 13/04/05

Chapter One
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Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue
Kamloops SPCA
Molly Dawg
Chapter Two
A Very Long Ride

        The car was filled with different smells and I was sure I could smell other dogs. I felt warm, safe and cozy being snuggled up in the lady's arms. The man was talking softly to her and she was whispering in the fur at the back of my neck. The rhythm of the car's tyres on the highway and the warm security made me feel a comfort I hadn't felt in a very long time. It wasnt long before I fell fast asleep.

        I wiggled in my sleep and kept waking. I tried very hard to get cozy but the car machine just kept rolling, bumping and roaring a continual annoying rhythm. I wanted so desparately to fall asleep again. I was sure it was days later it finally stopped. The lady put me into the mans arms and got out. The man moved the car a little bit farther and then played with some jingling things and the big roaring sound stopped. My ears were ringing and my tummy felt a bit funny.
I was extremely nervous and I could feel my tiny legs trembling under my now totally hollow tummy.

        The next thing I knew the man had stepped out of the car without me. I couldn't make out any of the words he was saying to the lady, but it didnt matter because it wasn't long before the lady picked me up and took me into her arms again. The fresh air smelled wonderful. I licked the lady happily and she made funny sounds and gently squeezed me into her. She got closer to the ground and she put me down on some lovely cool green grass. I remember this stuff cuz my brothers and sisters and I used to eat it with the pebbles when we lived along the roadside. Funny thing was, I didnt really want to eat it right now.
My tummy was squeezy enough as it was.

        I cautiously crept along the grass keeping my nose buried deep so I could absorb all the lovely smells. There was definitely doggy smells here and I didnt want to miss any of them. They smelled so good that it wasnt long before my weak bladder spilled its contents all over the ground. OH my that felt sooo good! I decided to run. Wow I couldn't believe how soft this ground was. It was a very big area to run in. There were trees and hedges with lots of spots to run under and dirt to dig and stuff to chew on. I felt so good that I thought for awhile I might find my brothers and sisters. I stayed on the grass nosing about for a very long time before I realized I was extremely hot and needed something cool to drink. Well I swear, it was just at that very moment that I heard the splash of water, and voila a bowl of water appeared right before my eyes. Mmmmmm it was so refereshing. Somehow it didn't seem to take away the hot air though. I knew I needed to find a place to lay down and make myself cool. I managed to crawl onto a smooth spot that seemed a little bit like the roadside but it was smoother and alot darker. No hot sun could reach me here. I could smell my bed somewhere and followed my nose to get closer. I could also smell food! There were ledges that I had to drop down on but at each ledge the area grew cooler and darker. About 500 ledges later (I couldn't count yet but I'm sure it was about that many) I found myself at the base of a cool, dark spot with my soft, fat blanket that smelled of my brothers and sisters. I also found 2 bowls, one with water, the other with bits of chewy food. I gobbled that down fast and enjoyed a cool drink. I nosed around for a little while then snuggled on my blanket and thought about my brothers and sisters. It didnt take me long to fall fast asleep.

        I must have slept for a very long time because when I woke up my tummy was doing it's old rumbling again. In my sleepy state I nosed around looking for my brother but I couldn't even smell him let alone see him. It didn't take long before I realized there was no way to get back up from where I had climbed down. I was suddenly frightened and wondered if I would ever find food. I couldn't help myself I just sat and cried very loud.

        I hadn't cried for long when I heard the man & lady at the top of the 7 ledges. (Yes, mom told me later that's how many there is) They had happy faces and looked down at me saying, "Hello little Molly. Are you awake now? You are sure a smart little puppy to find your blanket all by yourself. Are you wanting to get back up here now little one?" I thought,"Wow these people know what I want really fast. I think they are the smart ones." This time when they picked me up I gave them a really big thank you lick and wiggled as much as I could to show them how happy I was. I hoped they would also be able to tell how hungry I was. It was already dark and I hoped I hadn't missed my dinner. It did come soon, but much to my surprise it wasnt very much again. Didn't these people know I was a growing little puppy and needed LOTS of food. After eating my tummy was not full enough and I needed more food. I began to wimper and whine and sure enough more food came.

Wow these people were going to be a breeze, all I had to do was cry and they'd feed me. COOL! I munched down the last little bit and felt quite satisfied.

Chapter Three