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Katog & Landie_UK's Home
katog   Katog
Hi there, my name is Del. I'm a Canadian Gal, and the Wife of Landie_UK. My hubby and
I live in the small Central Interior town of Lillooet. It is about 260 Kms from Vancouver in British Columbia. We met online in the Spring of 1997 and became the very best of friends. Over the years our relationship grew and one day we found ourselves in a situation that allowed us to meet in person. We immediately fell in love and finally made our Dreams Come True in the Winter of 2002

Landie   Landie_UK
Hi, my name is Mark. I'm a British Guy and the Husband of Katog. I used to live in a
coastal town called Whitley Bay. It's about 10 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne in England. I lived in a house near the sea with 4 other guys. I'm finally a Canadian CITIZEN! and live with My Own True Love.


This is us 3 days after meeting for the
first time. Destined to be together.
We have finally made our dreams come true and are Together Forever.

The music you hear is called Cherish, by Kool and the Gang. It is our Special love song and we had it playing during our wedding.

Landie became a

Canadian CITIZEN! on October 16 2007

We will live Happily Ever After in Canada

We apologize for the length of time it has taken us to update our page. It was so very hard for us to work on it when there was so many legal priorities in obtaining Landie a residency.

We would like to Thank you for your patience.

We look forward to hearing from all our dear friends old and new.

Drop us a line and pass along your comments or critisisms.

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